Keyconex is a B2B social media platform with the purpose to connect corporations with a demand and corporations with an offer around the globe.

The intention within this international connection of corporations is the principle idea to

  • achieve better sourcing capabilities,
  • new perspectives and channels to offer products or services to international markets,
  • which at least enhances the competitiveness,
  • and follows ecological attitudes.

Within Keyconex it is all about Business-to-Business (B2B):


  • Search for business partners international
  • Search for professionals


  • Connect with the right business partners international
  • Exchange business opportunities


  • Share references, projects, or business
  • Share contacts


Key Connections at its Excellence

Our Vision

Keyconex specifically shifts corporations’ focus from national to international markets by providing the best possible and accessible partners. Keyconex transforms the connectivity of corporations international and offers a real added value to the users.

Our Mission

Keyconex provides a digital platform that generates an international connected network, which offers to our users and those corporations better sourcing capabilities and opportunities that lead to reduce the carbon dioxide exhaust and offers environmentally benefits in the mid and long-term.

With Keyconex, the world becomes a little smarter.

We hope that our valued users understand, respect and follow our values, mission and vision in the same way as we do. Welcome to our platform!